Remove HOWDECRYPT Ransomware - Manual Remval Guide

What is HOWDECRYPT ransomware?

HOWDECRYPT virus is an extremely dangerous ransomware, similar to Cryptolocker, which will encrypt your files and demand to pay $500 to decrypt all the encrypted files. Victims may get HOWDECRYPT virus when they lure to download a fake Flash update. Once infected, the installed antivirus may report this threat just a second, then it is disabled by the severely Trojan virus immediately. Then you will discover, all your documents, PDF, photos etc will be renamed as HOWDECRYPT and cannot be opened. And HOWDECRYPT will ask victims to pay for the ransom via MoneyPak, Ukash, and Paysafecard these online payments. It is quite serious that PC got this malicious HOWDECRYPT ransomware, users should remove it as soon as possible. If you need help to remove HOWDECRYPT virus, please feel free to contact Tee Support professional IT Experts.

HOWDECRYPT Virus Is as Damaging Trojan Virus by Impressions

1. HOWDECRYPT virus is distributed via malicious links
2. HOWDECRYPT virus attacks system suddenly
3. HOWDECRYPT virus encrypts certain files and asks for $500 to decrypt them
4. HOWDECRYPT virus may steal your financial info if you pay for the ransom
5. HOWDECRYPT virus can be removed with manual approach

HOWDECRYPT Virus Manual Removal Guide

1. Boot up the infected computer, press F8 at the very beginning, choose “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter to get in safe mode with networking.

2. Stop these HOWDECRYPT virus processes:

3. Delete these HOWDECRYPT virus files:
%Appdata% random.exe
%Appdata% random.dat
%Appdata% random.ini

4. Remove these HOWDECRYPT virus registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\random.exe"

Similar Video Removal Guide for HOWDECRYPT Ransomware  

Warning: HOWDECRYPT Ransomware can be removed easily, but if you want to decrypt the encrypted files will be difficult since the virus updates itself frequently. Last second, the decrypt files solution may be available, but it couldn’t keep in pace with speed of the HOWDECRYPT virus update. Need help to remove HOWDECRYPT virus? Tee Support 24/7 Online Experts are ready to help you!

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