Apple Mac OS X Safari Browser is Locked by Ransomware!

Locked by FBI Mac OS X Virus? Apple Mac OS X Safari Browser is blocked by Europol Mac OS X Virus? Want to get rid of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mac OS X Virus? Read this post, you will know more about this kind of ransomware. If need help, please feel free to contact Tee Support agent 24/7 online.

Version:  FBI Mac OS X Virus, Europol Mac OS X Virus, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mac OS X Virus ……(updating)
Type: Ransomware \ Scam Virus Risk Coefficient: Severe \ High Level
Targeted Browsers: Mac OS X Safari Browser

Virus ScreenShot 

FBI Mac OS X Virus 

Europol Mac OS X Virus

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mac OS X Virus
Similar Symptom: This kind of destructive ransomware will block the targeted Mac OS X Safari browser, which will display a bogus notification like” All activities of this computer have been recorded. All your files are encrypted”, list several reasons that may cause the scam virus on your screen, and ask victims to pay for a nonexistent $100 - $300 fine by the name of the authority government with the deceptive and scared police image. And it may hack the webcam to record what you did in the room where you use the computer to make you believe that the virus is real from the police station. Please ignore all the fake alerts and remove this dangerous infection without any delay.

Transmission Modes
• Some Trojan horses.
• Some spam emails or email attachments.
• Free files or any other free resources download.
 • Corrupt Websites, unknown links, or pop ups.
• Some Sharing files.
• Internet pop ups.

Serious Risk 
1. This kind of ransomware blocks your MAC OS X safari and doesn’t allow you to do anything 2. This kind of ransomware is accuse of you for unreal crime 3. This kind of ransomware scares you to pay for the fine 4. This kind of ransomware cannot be blocked by security software 5. This kind of ransomware steals the sensitive information for illegal use 6. This kind of ransomware will promote other threats to damage your PC


Manual Removal for Mac OS X Ransomware

Reset your safari browser 

Step1: Click on the Safari menu and select Reset Safari

Step2: Select all opts when you are asked whether want to reset Safari, and click on the Reset button

Video Removal Guide to  Mac OS X Scam Virus

Note: Above manual removal steps are effective to deal with Scam virus on your Apple MAC OS X. If need help, you can contact online expert for tech support


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hi...Im student from Informatics engineering nice article,
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Paul Guyette said...

Thanks for the guidance. I was able to reset the browser with no issue. Most appreciated!

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