Remove Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Ukash Virus

AustralianCommunications and Media Authority (ACMA)Ukash virus is another latest ronsomware which will lock your PC and cannot remove it easily. This is tricky virus that sneaks into computer via the system exploit. And improper surfing habits will be the reason that your PC gets infected by Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) virus as well. Once this virus gets into the targeted PC with Trojan virus successfully, malicious codes will execute automatically without your awareness and approval. Then a fake warning will pop up, you will receive this message “Your computer has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below.” This bogus message may scare the inexperienced and unsuspecting computer users to pay fine with the deceptive webpage below:


Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
AFP. Crime Commission (ACC)
Royal Australian Corps of Military Police
Your computer has been blocked for safety reasons listed below.
You are accused of viewing/storage and/or dissemination of banned pornography (child pornography/zoophilia/rape etc). You have violated World Declaration on non-proliferation of child pornography. You are accused of committing the crime envisaged by Article 161 of Commonwealth of Australia criminal law.
It was from your computer, that unauthorized access had been stolen to information of State importance and to data closed for public Internet access.
The penalty set must be paid in course of 48 hours as of the breach. On expiration of the term, 48 hours that follow will be used for automatic collection of data on yourself and your misconduct, and criminal case will be opened against you

Please ignore all the fake alets, what you should do is to remove the virus as soon as possible. Keep in mind that paying fine to the hacker will be the most unwise choice, your computer will not survive with this method.

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Ukash virus Removal

1) Restart your PC and before windows interface loads, tap “F8” constantly. Choose “Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press Enter key.
2) Find and stop ACMA Ukash virus associated processes:
Random.exe (The name of the virus process may be different all the time)
(If you can’t figure out the process of the virus, you can end the process called explorer.exe first so that virus won’t come up)

3) Locate and delete ACMA Ukash virus associated files:
C:\Documents and Settings\<Current User>
C:\Users\<Current User>\AppData\

4) Detect and remove ACMA Ukash virus related registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableTaskMgr” = 0

How to Remove Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Ukash virus

Note: If you haven’t sufficient PC expertise and don’t want to make things worse, to remove the ACMA Ukash virus infection safely and permanently, contact Tee Support PC experts online 24/7 here to clean up the infection in a few minutes without repeating. Hurry up to drag it away from your computer forever!

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