Easy Way to Remove Live Security Professional Rogue Antivirus

What is Live Security Professional virus?  

Live Security Professional is identified as rogue antivirus which will pop up a fake alert that your PC are infected with tons of virus, in order to solve the problem, you need to buy its full version. These are the common characteristics about any kinds of rogue security tools. One of the victims reports that: it runs every week and indicates my PC has 30,000 issues! After removing this Live Security Professional fake antivirus, it is quite in your computer world. Victims will get this virus when they click malicious link by accident, or it is promoted by free downloads. Once executed, it will pop up and make a scan for your system automatically, just a while, a result with full of infections will display in your screen, it is claim that paying for its full version can be the way to solve these problems. In fact, the wisest choice is to remove the bogus antivirus as fast as you can. How to do? Follow the guide below. Need Help? Contact Tee Support Experts 24/7 online.

Live Security Professional Virus Removal Guide

1. Boot your PC into safe mode with networking.

2. Open the task manager and stop the process related to Live Security Professional Virus

3. Live Security Professional Virus files:

4. Remove Live Security Professional Virus registry entries:
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Live Security Professional
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "ctfmon32.exe" =      "C:\DOCUME~1\ALLUSE~1\APPLIC~1\rundll32.exe C:\DOCUME~1\ALLUSE~1\APPLIC~1\<random>.dat,XFG00"


Video Guide for Live Security Professional Virus

Attention: If you haven’t sufficient expertise in handling virus program files, processes, dll files and registry entries, you will take the risk of messing up your computer and making it crash down finally. If you need online professional tech support, click here to get: 24/7 Online Virus Removal Support.

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