How to Uninstall Browser Defender

Browser Defender is potential unwanted program that come to users’ PC without knowledge. It may be bundled with other free applications and install together.  It claims to detect potentially malicious websites in your search results and notifies you of the threat. And Browser Defender will also promote the Search Defender which is a component of the Browser Defender toolbar , which states on its official website to allow instant access to safe searches from anywhere on the net.

But  users would like to remove Browser Defender from their PC somehow, read this post, you will uninstall it by yourself:

Uninstall Browser Defender:

Start – All Programs- Browser Defender- Uninstall Browser Defender, just click Yes to finish the uninstall procedure

Start Control Panel- Browser Defender- Remove, then  click Yes to finish the uninstallation.


Useful Video Removal Guide

Note: If you still cannot remove Browser Defender, please feel free to contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online for help.

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